I have been asked this question in various forms more than any other question since my diagnosis. When doctors diagnose breast cancer at earlier stages, they often encourage their patients to get a mastectomy because the procedure promises to remove most if not all of the breast cancer cells from the patient’s body. Because my cancer was diagnosed after it had metastasized (the cancer cells from my breast tumor had moved into my blood stream and travelled all throughout my body), surgery would provide me with no substantial benefit. Even if the breast tumor was removed, a whole army of tumors would remain in my bones and liver.  There was no stopping my cancer through surgery by the time we knew it was there. 

And if I went under the scalpel today, I would also risk my cancer growing because I would have to stop all other treatments for weeks prior and after surgery.  We don’t want to risk letting my cancer grow unchecked for any prolonged period of time.

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