Though cancer has invaded my breast, spine, lymph nodes, and liver, I only have one type of cancer, ER+PR+HER2- breast cancer. Strange as it may seem, you could say that I have breast cancer in my liver and bones. The letters note my specific type of cancer. Being a hormonal breast cancer, the cancer in my body feeds primarily off Estrogen and Progesterone (the ER and PR parts). When I undergo treatments that fight ER+PR+HER2-breast cancer, the medicine attacks the tumors in my breast as well as all those tumors in my bones, liver, and the rest of my body. Even within the subgroup of ER+PR+HER2- breast cancer patients, there exist variations as the cancer can mutate in a variety of ways. Thus even some treatment options which work for other ER+PR+HER2- breast cancer patients will not work for me.

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