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Parenting – Paul David Tripp



“So our job is simple; it’s not to create change, but to be humble and willing instruments of change in the hands of the one and only author of change. This means that you and I have to be willing to let go of those old, human-power parenting habits. We have to stop with the loud voices, the escalating threats, the subtle name calling, words of condemnation, ever-worsening punishments, telling our children how much more righteous we are than they, the silent treatment, and withholding affection when they’ve upset us.”-



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Children’s Bibles

The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook – Gospel Project

“The good news about what Jesus has done to rescue us from our sin is too great to keep to ourselves. Before Jesus went back to heaven, He gave the disciples a job to do. Jesus wants His followers to teach people everywhere about Jesus so that they will trust in Him as their Lord and Savior.





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 Family Devotionals

Big Truths For Young Hearts – Bruce A. Ware
big truths for young hearts

“Here is a very important question for all of us: do we sin because we are already sinners, or do we become sinners when we first sin? Many of us might lean toward saying that we become sinners when we first sin. After all, how can you be a sinner if you haven’t sinned? It seems to make the most sense to say that you become a sinner at the time that you actually commit an act of sin. But is this what the Bible teaches? It is possible that the other answer is the correct one?”


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Big Picture Interactive 52-Week Bible Devotional –  Gospel Project

Sticky Situations – Betsy Schmitt

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 Kid’s Ministry

Show Them Jesus – Jack Klumpenhower

“We’ve been dispensing good advice instead of the good news. Eventually, kids will tire of our advice, no matter how good it might be. Many will leave the church. Others will live decent, churchy lives but without any fire for Christ. We’ll wonder why they’ve rejected the good news because we assumed they were well grounded in it. In fact, the never were. Although we told stories of Jesus and his free grace, we watered it down with self-effort – and that’s what they heard.”


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