I first felt a lump in my left breast while breast feeding our youngest daughter during the last months of 2018.  The bump slowly began to force my nipple outward, an experience that I had never encountered while breastfeeding my older children. Fearing that I might have breast cancer, I shared my concerns with my OBGYN. He did a physical exam and attributed all my symptoms to a clogged milk duct which should go away with time.  Doubtful of his first diagnosis, I asked him about the lump a second time and received the same reply.  It never went away.

I also began to experience pain in my lower back and left leg in the early months of 2019. While this was not constant, it could prove excruciating.  I fell to the floor in pain on several occasions. Seeking to find a cure for my pain, I underwent an MRI of my lower back. The scan showed tumors in all my bones.  Though I had to undergo a full battery of tests to determine the source and nature of my cancer, I was not surprised to learn that it was indeed metastatic breast cancer. I was diagnosed in May 2019 a week after my youngest daughter’s first birthday.

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