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Don’t Forget: We Are Not All Elite


Bravado has swept through the church as local congregations have begun to defy the lock-down guidelines issued by their local governments. I type today not to condemn or support such action. Undoubtedly there… Continue reading

Why The Church Will Always Be the Same: A Coronavirus’s History Lesson


The coronavirus has spun the world around like the vindictive kid standing next to an old merry-go-round. As humanity has hung on for dear life, some church leaders have declared that the violent… Continue reading

A New Story for the Old South: Revisiting the “Lost Cause”


The men and women of the South should not be judged for failing to live up today’s standards of morality. The men and women of the North could not live up to those standards. But the story of the “Lost Cause” should be judged against the test of empirical observation. When compared to the historical record, the story of the “Lost Cause” becomes almost nonsensical. It has ignored large swaths of the historical record constructing a story that fails both to consider and explain the past it seeks to promote.