We live in a unique age of history with the ability to communicate with friends (and strangers) all over the world about my health journey.  I’m very thankful for the love and support that I feel from all parts of the globe.  Because some of my very dear friends aren’t physically present with me, they worry that I’m suffering alone. And while there are challenges that come from living away from immediate family, I do not think that we are neglected. 

Family and friends have come and stayed in our home many times since my diagnosis.  We love having the help, encouragement, and companionship that these visits bring. Each time is different but usually always what we need in that moment.

We have a wonderful church family at Amissville Baptist Church who meets so many of our needs. With the pandemic there has been times when we have had to be more isolated than we would like, but our church has always been our first source of support in day-to-day matters.  In fact, we try to initially lean on them before reaching out to other friends in the area. 

Still, we have many Virginia friends. I am amazed at the Lord’s blessing in giving us connections to such a variety of people in the area. Many friendships were begun as soon as we moved here and therefore “pre-cancer” relationships. Others have come since. All are precious to us.

Our oldest two children attend Fresta Valley Christian School. This institution is a continual source of benefit to our family. So many wonderful people are investing in our children and our family. This is a gift from God.

God supplies all our needs and many times it is through people. Whether you are local or long distance, a close friend or new acquaintance.  Thank you for your interest in our lives and especially your prayers. You are a blessing.

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