Please know that all treatment options for breast cancer are not appropriate for me.  We have genetically sequenced my cancer tumors twice.  So we know which treatments are best suited to combat my specific form of ER+PR+HER2- breast cancer.  We have been sent information from many friends with treatment ideas. We do discuss many of them with my doctors, but most do not address my cancer and therefore would prove either less effective than my current treatments if not completely ineffective.  For instance, immunotherapy that has had success in other cancer settings is still not an option for me because the genetic makeup of my cancer is resistant to the treatment. For a drug to be effective it must target ER+PR+HER- breast cancer and the particular subset within that larger group which contain the ERS1 mutation.  

Why Keep the Faith

Some have wondered why I didn’t abandon my faith after receiving my diagnosis.  On the one hand, I like the…

How are you coping?

Near the beginning of my cancer journey, both Peter and I were studying the Bible and came to realize that…

Did You Feel A Lump?

I first felt a lump in my left breast while breast feeding our youngest daughter during the last months of…

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