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Next Tuesday night Bill Nye the Science Guy will be back on TV, and First Baptist Church Eastman will be watching! But instead of viewing a quirky show filled with animated phrases, we will be seeing Bill Nye debate well known creationist Ken Ham. This live streamed event from the halls of the Creation Museum will be a great opportunity for the old, the young, and everyone in between to understand the importance and the reliability of Genesis. If we get Genesis wrong, we put the credibility of our faith in jeopardy. If Bill Nye is right in assuming that men slowly evolved from monkeys, why should our children believe the resurrection is true? If adults say the Bible is confused about the world’s beginning, isn’t it natural for our children to conclude that the Bible’s other claims, such as the  exclusivity of Christ may also be questionable?  As Ken Ham notes, “every single biblical doctrine of theology, directly or indirectly, is founded in the historical account given in Genesis 1-11…If one undermines this history, or reinterprets it, or tries to claim it is myth or symbolic, then one undermines the foundation of the rest of the Bible, including the gospel (102).” Please join us this upcoming Tuesday night, February 4th, at 6:45 in room C201 or watch the debate online from the comfort of your home! Let’s continue to strive to accurately understand Genesis so that we can faithfully teach it to this generation and the next! 

Ham, Ken, Britt Beemer, and Todd Hillard. Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What you can do to Stop it. Green Forest: Master Books , 2012

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