gameChristians misconstrue the beauty of the Christian life when they locate the power for godly living in their actions. Many followers of Jesus approach their time on earth like a child at a Chucky Cheese. They bounce around from wack-a-sin to the good works basketball hoops, earning ten to fifteen tickets here or there.

After of year or two or ten on the game floor, she returns to the counter to redeem her spiritual prize from the Divinely disinterested ruler of the store. Though she knows the good prizes of a godly spouse, a great job, or advance spirituality lie far outside her price range, she still hopes to get the guy behind the counter to hand her a small blessing or two in the shape of Laughy Taffy, a sticker, or one of those whistles that never really works.

But the God of the Bible is not some cheap guy who demands the impossible and rewards sparingly. The God of the Scriptures cares for His children because He loves them. He loves them not because they win at the game of life. He loves them because He is the God of infinite love. In Psalm 40:11 David writes,

As for you, O Lord, you will not restrain your mercy from me; your steadfast love and your faithfulness will ever preserve me!

God preserves not because of our works but because of His faithfulness. God saved us from sin not because of our righteousness but because of his life, death, and resurrection. The God who saves us by His power will sustain us by His power. And His power knows no limit.

God does not give this guy 5 packs of grace, and that girl 10 packs of grace, and you 7 packs of Grace, saying “Once its gone its gone.” The opposite is true. The weak, struggling, and weary believer can withdrawal grace again and again. God’s mercy knows no limits. It cannot be won, and He does not require us to win it. It does not run dry. He gives it to us freely if we will but wait upon the Lord, trusting Him to rescue our hearts from the pit. Godly living comes from God. As the Christian places her hope in God, she should expect God to fill her life with the large stuffed animals and great blessings that seem out of reach (Eph 3:20). He gives us all good things including health, patience, and love. God withholds nothing good from us. His faithfulness and his steadfast love will never end. We will wait for Him?

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