katelyn-elyseElyse Devries and Katelyn Rahn were amazing examples of service and love this summer. They jumped into Vacation Bible School planning the moment they arrived. They prepared crafts, studied for lessons, and help decorated the church. During their summer office hours, they study intently to prepare for ABC Kids and for children’s church, seeking to reach our kids through relatable stories, fun crafts, and helpful object lessons. They happily took on each and every other task or need that came their way. They planned trips to the WARF, Fun Land, and Skye Zone. They bought groceries, read six books, ran power point, researched child-safety protocols, babysat so April and I could counsel, sang in the choir, lead special music, and wrote notes. And of course, they took a pie to the face! Kids ministry 101!

Their work ethic was only surpassed by their love for the Lord and by the love for others. Elyse and Katelyn got excited when they started to discuss the Word and ministry. Their highlight of the summer was hearing a child say, “I finally understand the gospel.” And they loved others. All summer long, I heard little voices asking, “Are Mrs. Elyse and Mrs. Katelyn going to here tonight?” The kids shared stories with Elyse and Katelyn, showed them tricks, and wrote them cards. The kids knew they were loved and responded in kind. And we as parents were blessed to see others taking a loving interest in our kids.

When this summer began, I did not know what to expect. Over a period of a month, ABC had gone from having one intern, to no interns, to half an intern, to two interns, to one, and back to two. Neither Elyse, nor Katelyn, nor I knew what to expect. Most every aspect of the program as new for one if not all of us. Yet despite the uncertainty, ABC had an amazing summer filled with gospel teaching, laughter, and fun. Elyse and Katelyn were a blessing to both ABC and to my family. God sent ABC the perfect interns for the summer of 2018.

I eagerly look forward to seeing how God works through Awana which kicks off on September 16. Yet, I know ABC will miss Elyse and Katelyn. You guys embraced our ABC, loved us well, and have undoubtedly left a happiest of marks on our church family. We are sad to see you guys go but are very excited to see what God has planned for you.

Thank you guys for an amazing summer! God bless!

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