Summer Break/Quick Update

Though I love precision and planning, I do get things out of order more than my humble pride would like to admit. The management of this blog would be exhibit A. Sorry about that. In case you are wondering, the answer is yes. I took summer sabbatical from the blogosphere. And yes, it’s almost over!

As some of you know, these last few weeks have been a whirlwind of doctor’s appointments, church meetings, and PhD study sessions. When the scattered storms that had disrupted our April plans threatened to bleed through May into June, I decided to pause my blog for the summer to care for April and my ABC family. As the days grew longer, I came dangerously close to publishing my blogs within hours of creating them. Typically, I prefer to hold my blogs in the queue for a week or two. This window of reflection blesses both my readers and my soul as it keeps my most egregious grammar mistakes and my most idiotic ideas far from public view. Time refines like nothing else. Thus, I paused the posting of new post.

I still love to write. As April can attest to, I have been sneaking off to my home office to create posts here and there for the creative process enriches my soul and develops my mind. On August 1 (for better or worse), I will start posting some these well aged blogs.

Before I return to my theological posts in August, April and I will also update you on her battle with breast cancer sometime in July. For now, please know things have taken a turn for the better! Stay tuned.

I appreciate your patience with me and April. I thank you for praying for her and our family! Until August….

Peter Witkowski

Memo: Summer Schedule and Interns


Today, ABC will be shifting away from its summer intern program. ABC has cherished its relationships with its past interns. Last year’s interns, Katelyn and Elyse, have a special place in our hearts because they loved both our ABC church family and the Witkowski family well, writing notes, playing, and sharing the gospel. I can say with certainty that Katelyn and Elyse were true encouragers and rightfully hold a special place in the hearts of many of ABC’s members.

ABC began 2019 with every intention of continuing the Summer Internship program. April and I and many others of worked tirelessly to recruit interns for this summer, posting the position to several universities job boards and reaching out to contacts and potential interns in Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Kansas, New York, and Minnesota. We also shared the position repeatedly on social media. Though a handful of college students expressed initial interest, none have been able to commit to the internship. Consequently, ABC has decided to suspend the internship program for the summer and will reevaluate the program going forward. Ultimately, ABC would love to host one to two pastoral interns during the school year (September – May) believing a yearlong internship would foster deeper and longer relationships that would both bless ABC and the intern. The intern would work with the families of ABC, preach, visit, and study the Word and hopeful receive seminary credit through Southern Seminary or one of its sister’s institutions.
Though this summer has not played out as ABC planned, we know it has played out as God intended. Even in our disappointment, we can be sure of Romans 8:28: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” We know Summer 2019 will be the best possible summer that we could ask for because our loving, gracious and good God reigns! We are excited to see God work in the days ahead!
In place of the ABC Kids program, ABC will be launching Wacky Wednesdays. On June 19, July 10, July 17, July 31. On those fours Wednesdays, our families will meet at ABC at 9:30 AM and will head out to Jump four really cool locations! For more info, click here

We also will be investing in the lives of our adult members, launching a new Bible Study! More information will be coming soon!

Church family get excited summer 2019 is almost here!

The Amazing Interns of 2018

katelyn-elyseElyse Devries and Katelyn Rahn were amazing examples of service and love this summer. They jumped into Vacation Bible School planning the moment they arrived. They prepared crafts, studied for lessons, and help decorated the church. During their summer office hours, they study intently to prepare for ABC Kids and for children’s church, seeking to reach our kids through relatable stories, fun crafts, and helpful object lessons. They happily took on each and every other task or need that came their way. They planned trips to the WARF, Fun Land, and Skye Zone. They bought groceries, read six books, ran power point, researched child-safety protocols, babysat so April and I could counsel, sang in the choir, lead special music, and wrote notes. And of course, they took a pie to the face! Kids ministry 101!

Their work ethic was only surpassed by their love for the Lord and by the love for others. Elyse and Katelyn got excited when they started to discuss the Word and ministry. Their highlight of the summer was hearing a child say, “I finally understand the gospel.” And they loved others. All summer long, I heard little voices asking, “Are Mrs. Elyse and Mrs. Katelyn going to here tonight?” The kids shared stories with Elyse and Katelyn, showed them tricks, and wrote them cards. The kids knew they were loved and responded in kind. And we as parents were blessed to see others taking a loving interest in our kids.

When this summer began, I did not know what to expect. Over a period of a month, ABC had gone from having one intern, to no interns, to half an intern, to two interns, to one, and back to two. Neither Elyse, nor Katelyn, nor I knew what to expect. Most every aspect of the program as new for one if not all of us. Yet despite the uncertainty, ABC had an amazing summer filled with gospel teaching, laughter, and fun. Elyse and Katelyn were a blessing to both ABC and to my family. God sent ABC the perfect interns for the summer of 2018.

I eagerly look forward to seeing how God works through Awana which kicks off on September 16. Yet, I know ABC will miss Elyse and Katelyn. You guys embraced our ABC, loved us well, and have undoubtedly left a happiest of marks on our church family. We are sad to see you guys go but are very excited to see what God has planned for you.

Thank you guys for an amazing summer! God bless!

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