Though I love precision and planning, I do get things out of order more than my humble pride would like to admit. The management of this blog would be exhibit A. Sorry about that. In case you are wondering, the answer is yes. I took summer sabbatical from the blogosphere. And yes, it’s almost over!

As some of you know, these last few weeks have been a whirlwind of doctor’s appointments, church meetings, and PhD study sessions. When the scattered storms that had disrupted our April plans threatened to bleed through May into June, I decided to pause my blog for the summer to care for April and my ABC family. As the days grew longer, I came dangerously close to publishing my blogs within hours of creating them. Typically, I prefer to hold my blogs in the queue for a week or two. This window of reflection blesses both my readers and my soul as it keeps my most egregious grammar mistakes and my most idiotic ideas far from public view. Time refines like nothing else. Thus, I paused the posting of new post.

I still love to write. As April can attest to, I have been sneaking off to my home office to create posts here and there for the creative process enriches my soul and develops my mind. On August 1 (for better or worse), I will start posting some these well aged blogs.

Before I return to my theological posts in August, April and I will also update you on her battle with breast cancer sometime in July. For now, please know things have taken a turn for the better! Stay tuned.

I appreciate your patience with me and April. I thank you for praying for her and our family! Until August….

Peter Witkowski

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