five-resources-for-preschoolersThe Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible: Jared Kennedy

BGSB.jpeg__46969.1510779484.1280.1280Jared Kennedy has written the story book Bible that appeals to your preschooler’s ear. The stories derived straight from the text of the Bible and placed within the color artwork on the pages explain the Scriptures in the same way you explain where trees come from to your toddlers. Kennedy uses simple concepts to communicate big ideas and regularly interrupts the flow of the each story with questions designed to keep your kids involved in the story. My two preschoolers love this children’s Bible. If you are looking a book that you can both read to your preschooler and use for your family devotion, this is the book. I encourage you to add The Beginners Gospel Story Bible to your preschooler’s Christmas list.   

 The First Bible Basics: Danielle Hitchen

Danielle Hitchen wants your preschooler to know how to count to 10. And she wants your preschooler and you to know 10 great facts about the Bible! The facts which range from the “1 God” to “10 Commandments” are accompanied with a bit size quote, Scripture reference, or brief explanation. The book is a quick read and your preschooler will like the bright pictures. If you are looking for a counting book that will engage your preschooler and help you remember how many Fruits of the Spirit there are, then you will want to get a copy of The First Bible Basicsfor your preschooler this Christmas. 

The Biggest Story ABC: Kevin DeYoung

biggest-story-abcs-infographic1.jpgKevin DeYoung transformed his popular book the Biggest Story into a board book perfect for your preschooler. Employing the 25 letters of the alphabet, DeYoung takes your preschooler through the big picture of the Bible. He helps your little one (and you the parent) see that the Bible’s story is one of sin and redemption through Christ. DeYoung explains how people came to be cursed and how God came to conquer the curse of death. If you are looking for a resource that teaches the alphabet and the gospel then, I encourage you to buy your preschooler a copy of TheBiggest Story ABC.


The Garden the Curtain and the Cross: Carl Laferton

Carl Laferton walks his reader through the gospel story in picture book form. The beautiful and lively pages capture the eyes of your children while you read the story of how Adam and Eve’s sin destroyed God’s wonderful world and separated people from God.  As the pages turn, your children will then hear about how God sent his son to save the sinners who are bad and sad.  If you are looking to buy a picture book for the preschooler on your list get them a copy of The Garden the Curtain and the Cross.

And if you liked The Garden the Curtain on the Cross, I encourage you to check out three more titles from The Good Book company: The One O’Clock Miracle, The Christmas Promise, and The Storm that Stopped. 

What is Church: Bill Bell

Bell colorfully helps kids grasp that the church is a who and not a what. He then details who is in the church and what they do with the help of colorful illustrations. Though the pages employees language that a child can easily understand, the book contains deep truths that will help parents gain a better understand of Jesus’s bride, the church.  If you are looking for a book that will help your preschool learn to love church and learn, then I encourage you get a copy of this What is Church for your preschooler.

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