kids-gifts-blogESV Student Study Bible: Crossway

This colorful Bible equips students to better understand God’s Word. The Bible contains notes that help your older elementary child understand cultural nuances of the Bible. It also contains illustrations, genealogies, maps, and pictures that help your child visualize the images and histories of the biblical text. The Bible also includes, “Did you Know?” sections on almost every page that help your child think about and apply what they are reading. If you are looking to buy your child a Bible that will aid them in their studies of the Scripture, I encourage you to get them a copy of the ESV Student Study Bible.

Other Great Bibles:

51P3o2I0c9L._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_If you are looking for a Bible for a younger elementary student or for an advanced preschooler, I encourage you to check out the ESV Big Picture Bible. The Bible contains the full text of the Scripture. All of the headings are colorful and a multitude of colorful pictures will help your visual learning connect with the text of the Bible. If you are looking to buy your child her first Bible, I encourage you to give the ESV Big Picture Bible a look.

If you are a New King James or Christian Standard Bible fan checkout The Big Picture Interactive Study Bible, that contains many of the pictures and notes find in Lifeway’s popular Sunday School curriculum, the Gospel Project. This is the perfect Bible for older preschoolers to elementary age children.

Exploring the Bible: David Murray

David Murray created an amazing devotion for your children. Murray takes your children on a rapid Journey through the Bible’s story line. Each day your children will read a passage of Scripture and will write down a brief statement about what they have learned. Murray caps each week with a page for Sermon notes that are designed to help your child apply what he hears on Sunday morning. This book is the perfect gift for the child who desires to have his own quiet times. I encourage you to get a copy of Exploring the Bible.

Luther: Stephen McCaskell and Aaron Armstrong

McCaskell and Armstrong have given kids a stunning and compelling look at the founder of the Reformation, Martin Luther. The book is strikingly illustrated with black and white pictures that resemble a graphic novel. The text that surrounds the illustrations walks your child through the history of Luther, explaining how an imperfect man saved the fading light of the gospel in Western Europe. If you have a child who loves history or reading, or interacting with a compelling story, I encourage you to place a copy of Luther under her Christmas tree.

The Radical Book For Kids: Champ Thorton

screenshot-66Champ Thorton presents the history of Christendom in a fun, exciting, and compelling matter that is almost sure to connect with your elementary student. He discuss everything from John Bunyan, to the “Books of the Bible,” to the “Hedelberg Catechism” to “Bible Games” to “Lottie Moon.” Every chapter has illustrations or quotes, or photo’s, or comics, or crafts, or charts that help bring the pages to life. If you have a child who loves to learn or who wants to understand more about their faith, I encourage you to buy him a copy of The Radical Book For Kids.

The Ology: Marty Machowski

Marty Machowski invites children to join Carla and Timothy as they unwrap and read the rare children’s book that began with the early church. Machowski uses the next 231 pages to explain what Christians believed about God, people, sin, and salvation, using illustrations, analogies, and readable text that will connect with your elementary student. All  of the book’s 71 chapters run  two to three pages and  feature a picture and Scripture references that will help your child understand key biblical truths. If you want to expose your child to the truth of the Bible and if you have a reader in your family, you will want to place a copy of The Ology under your Christmas tree.

What gifts will you by giving your children this Christmas?

One thought on “5 Amazing Christmas Gifts For Kids!

  1. Looks good – send right away to FRC for last minute Christian presents for small children and grandchildren. Folks need ideas. God Bless!!!


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