“The more we get together the happier we’ll be!”

kids need you blogThis simple children’s song speaks to one of the greatest truths about Children’s ministry. We can’t do it alone. We (Children’s pastors, directors, and key leaders) can’t lead kids alone. There is no so such thing as professional children’s workers. Sure, some are paid to promote a unified vision, maintain safety standards, and direct strategic responsibilities. But the very ministry of teaching and discipling the next generation is the mission of the whole Church. Whether we are reading Deuteronomy 6,  Psalm 78, or about Jesus welcoming the little children, all of scripture assumes that all the church is doing kids ministry. Please notice that Jesus never pulled Andrew aside and said, “Andrew, take care of the kids while I teach the adults.” Passing on the word of God to the next generation is the mission and calling of the entire church. If we are going to have successful kids ministry that reach kids and families, we need our whole church involved. We need parents with kids, we need grandparents, we need singles; we need everybody to help! Kids’ ministry is not just nursery. It’s not just a program designed to give adults a weekly break from their kids. Kids ministry exists to equip parents and the whole church to reach future generations for Christ. We (leaders) can’t do it without you the church! Join us in kids’ ministry! We need you!

The more we get together the happier our kids and churches will be!

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