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Mediums, a King, and Truth From Below: Why The Bible is Enough For Even the Most Spiritual People


Fear overran Saul’s heart. And God was no where to be found. Saul fasted, prayed, talked to prophets, and talked to priest but God refused to talk to him. In a few hours,… Continue reading

Divine Imagination: A Cure For Bitterness


We can easily steal a moment at work to daydreaming about how we will tell off our boss one day. As we drift into sleep a few hours later, we imagine how we… Continue reading

Bad Thinking, The Lottery, and Why Christians Fail At Life


No one wakes up intending to ruin his or her life. People do not start affairs, embezzle money, or chug a bottle of vodka, hoping to destroy their marriages, their families, and their… Continue reading