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John Huss: A Name Martin Luther Thought All Christians Should Know


On Oct 31, 1517, the monk, Martin Luther turned the world upside down with a few shift taps on the door of the Wittenberg Chapel. Luther hoped his 95 Theses, 95 concerns, about… Continue reading

John Smyth: The Danger of Haste


John Smyth won fame from himself when he established the first English Baptist Church in 1608. Yet, few Baptists know of Smyth’s contribution to the Baptist faith because he undermined his own legacy, rapidly… Continue reading

Jonathan Edwards, Friendship, and Your Next Big Decision


The defeated and somewhat despised Jonathan Edwards called together a council of pastors in May 1750. Recently dismissed from the pulpit of Northampton, Massachusetts because his pastoral skills did not equal his doctrinal… Continue reading