Our hearts ache.

Yesterday, we encountered words that every soul dreads, “Do you want to continue treatment?”

Last week, April began her second chemotherapy treatment plan in as many weeks. According to the results of April’s latest blood work, her cancer has responded positively to her one dose of Adriamycin. However, the drug has not improved her liver function. The high bilirubin numbers that came in around 8mg last week have risen to 17mg this week. April has acutely felt the deterioration of this vital organ. She has faced a daily onslaught of constant nausea, rapid swelling in her abdomen, and jaundice eyes and skin.

Though the odds of April wining her race against time remain precariously slim, April’s oncologist still believes April could receive some benefit (however minimal) from another week of chemo. Ever motivated to care for me and our three kiddos, April resolutely decided to endure another round of chemo yesterday afternoon.

The chances of this latest round of treatment succeeding reside somewhere in the 5-10% range. We stand in need of a miracle, a suspension of the rules of nature.
If April does not improve, she will die within a couple weeks’ time. If her health continues to deteriorate in the days ahead, we will shift her care from oncology to hospice.

This decline will cruelly afflict both April’s body and mind. Her nausea, pain, and fatigue will become more pronounced, requiring ever more powerful nausea and pain pills. Poor liver function will also produce some mental confusion. The days ahead promise to be hard.

In this time of sorrow, we find great solace in the love of our family and friends. Though April may lack the energy needed to respond to every message and card that comes her way, please know that she sees and appreciates all of them.

We find even great hope in the heavens above for we know our God can and does rescue men and women from the depths of Sheol. Still, we do not know what tomorrow will bring or whether April’s deliverance will take an earthly or heavenly form. A miracle could occur. We pray for life. Yet prudence demands that, we plan for death.

Our eyes and those of our dear children now burn red with the tears of sorrow. We grieve not because we fear tomorrow. Our God, who is faithful today, will be faithful yet again when we reach the next horizon. Tomorrow is not our great concern. Rather, I grieve the threat of losing my dearest of friends and our children grieve the threat of losing the bestest of mommies. We grieve the possibility of having to go through life’s milestones with a bride and without a mommy. Indeed, those who find a good thing should not surrender it lightly.

Our prayers remain simple: May God help us and comfort us (Ps 86:

May God be merciful.

Contact/Support Info

Please note, we long to responded to all texts and messages. But with the many challenges facing us, our responses will probably be increasingly slow.



CALL US AT: 540-937-6159.


14 thoughts on “Of Fading Hopes & Renewed Sorrow: April 6.2.22 Update

  1. This world is not our home. Heaven is our home. Some people get to go home before others do and we can’t choose when. We rejoice in knowing that we have an eternal home in Heaven where there will be no sickness and no death, only praising and worshipping and happiness! Praying for comfort, peace, mercy and miracles!

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  2. I’m sorry this is your family’s trial. May God give each of you the support and comfort you need. Prayers for April, you, and your sweet kids!

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  3. We continue to be steadfast in praying for miraculous healing! And at the same time are so thankful for the hope we have in Christ of heaven where there is no sickness nor death….and reuniting with those we love in Christ Jesus!! Though we do not choose the time to go, we have the assurance of God’s Word that His plans are best and we can always trust The Father’s heart!! May God give all of you peace, comfort and mercy in the days ahead. Our thoughts and love are with April and you and your precious family.

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  4. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your on understanding. God is faithful and you and April have been faithful. Praying for you and your family.

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  5. Thank you both for your faithfulness through everything. Thank you for honoring God with your lives. May God bless you and keep you, and may He receive all the glory.

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  6. April and family: know that you are loved and prayed for. May God have mercy and grant miracles inside your ailing body. All of you Gentry family members are prayers are with you and our hearts hurt. Love, Melinda Sams & family

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  7. I pray that God will heal April, that He will give her life and a renewed optimism. I ask that God watch over your family and fill you with love. I ask this in Jesus name.

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  8. April & Family ❤️ I don’t know you personally but I know of you, I have been following your story from the start, praying for you & your family, thinking of each of you also shedding tears over what you’ve been through & are going through, my granddaughter & your son are in the same class , just know We are here and care about each of you ❤️ prayers continue daily…..

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