hope-pictureGolden rays of hope have torn through the grey skies of April’s cancer. We can happily report that April’s hormone therapy is working.

According to April’s medical team at the Mayo Clinic, the majority of April’s tumors have stabilized or shrunk. The tumors in April’s back and chest have stopped growing. The tumors in her breast and her liver have slightly decreased in size. In short, April’s treatment has taken off and is safely airborne. God is good!

Admittedly, the length of our flight remains a mystery. Doctors can speak of averages and stats. Because this first treatment has succeeded and promises to keep succeeding for a time, April’s outlook has become far brighter. But April’s journey will ultimately not be unbound by averages and projections. Only the limits of divine providence can accurately predicted what will come next. We happily entrust our souls into the wise hands of our all powerful Heavenly Father.

For the past several months, we have joined David and pleaded with God to hear our cries and to listen to our prayers for deliverance. Indeed, our hearts were faint many a day and night as we wrestled through the turbulence of bad reports and the realities of April’s failing health.

But today, our hearts can echo the sentiment of David that that the Lord has led April, “to the rock, that is higher than I, for you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy (Ps 61:2-3).” God has rescued us from being swept away by the waters of cancer. He has been the rock of certainty that has upheld us as we wrestled with our worst fears. And now, He has been the strong tower that has rescued us from the deadly clutches of cancer. The light of hope has filled our hearts.

As our church family knows, the Mayo reports confirm April’s recent experiences. For the better part of three weeks, April has attended church, visited the girls’ music class, and gone on errands without being sidelined by back or leg pain. For brief moments, April has had to sit down and embrace her heating pad.  But overall, she has regained a quality of life that has escaped her and our family since her diagnosis in May. April’s plane has turned towards the glorious destination of health.

What Comes Next 

Going forward, April’s physical experiences will continue to give her and our family insights into her future. If her engines lose power, she will under go additional medical tests and treatment to see if her cancer has grown. But if she flies smoothly through life, we can be confident that her treatment’s continues to succeed.

Though April’s quality of life has risen from the 1-3 level to the 4-6 level, her medical team hopes to return her to the 8-10 level. To achieve the highest quality of life possible, April will pursue radiation treatment for her lower back. Though the treatment will sideline her for two weeks or so at end of this year, it promises to give her an even brighter quality of life going forward.

We praise God for today’s good report!

This encouraging development allows us to start strategizing for the future. We anticipate traveling to the Mayo clinic every three months. We can also can begin to plot our medical costs with some accuracy.

Dear family, church members, friends, prayer partners, thank you for boarding this flight with us and for upholding our faith with your prayers and encouragements. When we have doubted our destination and questioned our God, you have reminded us of God’s goodness, power, and love. Thank you! And thank you for rejoicing with us today!

We ask you to keep praying for us as we fly into the horizon of hope. Pray that God will allow April to see her children walking with the Lord. Pray that God we will grow our faith. Pray that God will be glorified by this illness. And pray that God will heal April!

Let me dwell in your tent forever! Let me take refuge under the shelter of your wings (Ps 61:4)!

Contact Info:

Email us at: biblefighter@gmail.com 

You can reach us via snail-mail at : P.O. Box 637/ Amissville, VA 20106

You are also welcome two reach out to the elders of Amissville Baptist Church, Mark Hockensmith and Bill Brown, at: 540-937-6159.

GOFundMe Page

April and I welcome inquirers and emails, calls, and texts of support; they can be overwhelming at times. We appreciate your patience with our responses.

We plan to also keep posting updates here at witkowskiblog.com

Thank you for your love, prayers, and never-ending support.

Sustained By Grace Through Faith,

Peter and April

5 thoughts on “Memo: April’s Breast Cancer Update October 2019 Rays of Hope!

  1. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise God , Father,Son and Holy Ghost. So happy to share in the joy of a good report. Continued prayers.

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  2. Joyfully praising God with you for this good report! Continuing to lift you up to our great God who is our Refuge and Strength, a very present help in trouble

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