Memo: April’s Breast Cancer August 2019 Concerning News Update


April and I spent the last several weeks looking for the source of her debilitating back-pain. While not constant, it can afflict her for days at a time. Even the smallest steps cause her to writhe in pain. We gingerly dug into her cancer struggles through discussions with her medical team and the occasional test, but we were unable to unearth any answers.

Last weekend, April’s doctor aided our search by doing an MRI scan of her lower back and hips. The intense imaging did not reveal the definitive source of her pain. But it did appear to show that the foundation of her cancer had been changed by the sandy winds of time. According to the doctors at the University of Virginia and Mayo Clinic, April’s tumors have “progressed” or increased in size and multiplied since her last MRI in May. Her doctors have begun to question the effectiveness of her hormone therapy.

This news has melted our hearts. Next week, we will travel back to Mayo for additional tests and scans to determine whether or not we need to search for a new treatment plans.

Please pray with us as we wait on the Lord. We are struck once again that our God is our only hope. We rest not in the medical community (though we are thankful for the doctors and staff caring for us) but in a powerful, loving God who hears our cries and rules over all.

I wait for the LORD; my soul does wait, and in His word I put my hope. – Psalm 130:5

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Sustained By Grace Through Faith,

Peter and April