LutherLuther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer

A Stephen McCaskell Film

product-image-luther_39c180e1-0f8a-4a73-9220-a6ac43ee9b02_2000xThis colorful documentary was shot at the locations that defined Luther’s life. It also features striking illustrations. Great theologians ranging from Steve Lawson to R.C. Sproul drive the content of documentary exploring all parts of Luther’s legacy including his view of salvation, the church, and Jews. If you want to know why the Martin Luther and the Reformation is important, I encourage you to watch this 1.5 hrs. film.

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Stephen McCaskell and Aaron Armstrong

mockup01_854ba26b-34b4-430b-8fbc-60adda5809df_2000xThis striking picture does a great job of introducing older children to Luther through engaging black and white illustrations, through quotes from Luther and other reformers, and through and easy to read text. Children and homeschool families seeking to study and learn more about Luther will love this book that praises Luther for rediscovering of the doctrines of Grace and that wrestles with his noticeable character flaws.

Calvin recognized in the Luther what we all would be wise to remember: Even the greatest servant of God will continue to struggle with sin until the ends of his days. (81).

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Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther

Here I stand

Roland H. Bainon

Though written for adults,  this biography of Luther could easily be read by junior high and high school students. The short chapters often feature quotes, pictures and an easy to read text. This book one of the best Luther biographies around chroniclaling the events and culture that lead Luther to turn the world upside down.

“He [Luther] was a priest responsible for the eternal welfare of his parishioners. He must warn them against spiritual pitfalls, no matter what might happen to the Castle Church and the university.”  (56)

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Freedom Movement: 500 Years of Reformation

Michael Reeves

freedom movementThis  great little book starts with Luther and then traces the effects of the Reformation to the present day. Children will be exposed to the Luther’s profound life and belief that salvation is through grace alone. They will also get introduced to John Bunyan, William Wilberforce and many other people who have been influenced by Luther’s great proclamation that

Martin Luther was concerned with people’s happiness. In fact, he would come to believe that he had found the secret of happiness. And that, at its heart is what the reformation is about. Not moralizing. Not self-improvement. It was a discovery of stunningly happy new – news that would transform millions of lives and change the world. (5)

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Bonus Find: 

The Nine Marks Ministry has devoted their latest journal to covering the theological and practical issues surrounding the Reformation! There are essays on what church services where like before the Reformation, on whether or not the Reformation is purely a white evangelical movement and on a host of other topics related to the Reformation! This amazing journal is free!  Click here to get your copy! 

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