David-Jeremiah-BibleWhat happens when you blend spaceships, the NKJV, and David Jeremiah together? You get the David Jeremiah Kids Study Bible.

What Is Like:

The Bible is very colorful, featuring rich blue, green, orange, and purple images. Keeping in line with the usual Study Bible format, the DJKSB features 66 Mission overviews detailing the background and purpose of each book of the Bible, a 100 Rupert Reports that provide historical facts, 66 logos discoveries –  articles that help kids see how the Bible is connected- several illustrations of important Bible stories, and 13 colorful Bible maps. But the features of this new kids Bible do not stop there. The Bible also includes 51 Bible Hero sections, featuring men and women that made a difference in Biblical history, 75 Power Force boxes that help children apply Scripture to their own lives, and 100 Bible Blasts – selected verses highlighted red within the text that kids are encouraged to memorize.

Special Features:

1But what truly makes the Bible unique is its theme; The Airship Genesis. The Airship Genesis is a space ship manned by a the Genesis Exploration Squad consisting five children and their pet monkey. Each month, the crew of adventurous kids sets off on a new adventure, swooping into the stories of the Bible to learn truths about God. The audio episodes/podcasts can be accessed for free at http://www.airshipgenesis.com/ . Each episode also comes with a study guide, coloring sheet, and games that can all be accessed for free. The website is very well done. And even if you don’t buy a copy of the Bible, I encourage visit the Airship Genesis website. (If you loved Adventures in Odyssey as a kid, you will definitely want to consider exposing your kids to their futuristic team of Bible explorers.)

The Bible’s greatest asset and potentially greatest liability is the Airship Genesis theme. If kids love the episodes, I think they will love seeing their characters from their podcast in their Bibles. The Bible’s platform enables kids to study the Bible with both their ears and their eyes. But if kids do not buy into the Airship Genesis model or if David Jeremiah’s group stop producing episodes, the Bible could become quickly dated.3

Final Thoughts:

But despite this risk, the DJKSB is a great Bible for grade school children. The Bible cover and all the pages in between are eye catching. The study content is engaging, biblical, and well written. Again tying all the artwork back to the Genesis Exploration Squad may potentially limit the appeal of this Bible to older children and young teenagers. Overall, this Bible is worth launching into your kid’s orbit of influence.

Are you ready to board the Airship Genesis?

Click here to learn more about the Bible.

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