prolife“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5

Much of the pro-abortion movement is based on the idea that it is a choice. To be prochoice is to proclaim that women may choose how to care for their body. As long as a baby is in their body, they- as the mother- have the ability and moral right to do what they want with the child. As Cecile Richards the CEO and President of Planned Parenthood said, “For me, life began when I delivered them.” Before that moment, the baby is not a child. The right to abort a child becomes analogous to the right to remove one’s tonsils or gallbladder. My body my choices.

The moment the baby breaks forth from the womb, it becomes its own person. But until birth, the baby is just an organ like thing of tissue that the mom can dispense with if she should so choose.

Let’s take this thinking to its logical conclusion.The moment a baby leaves the womb, the baby is a person according to Richard. If this is true, then a baby becomes a person as soon as he or she leaves her mom’s body irrespective of how and when he or she is born. Thus, the moment a baby is born and/or is removed from its mother’s womb, that baby is a person. Abortion is predicated on removing a baby from its mother’s womb in an effort to kill that child. Yet once the baby is out and once the baby is born, the baby is a person. Thus the death of an aborted baby by the abortion movement’s own standards is murder. That fragile little life now that is extracted via abortion deserves all the protection that it’s mother has. It deserves medical care, a proper burial, and love the moment it leaves its mother’s womb.

And even if you want to qualify abortion by saying it’s a unnatural removal of the baby, let’s remember that c-sections are also an unnatural act. Yet, killing a baby post c-section is never permitted.

If babies are a person at birth, are they not a person at 28, 14, and 4 weeks. The essence of something is not based on our recognition of it. It is based on it. For example, a kangaroo is no more a kangaroo or less a kangaroo depending on the number of our visits to the local zoo. And a baby is no more or less a baby depending on our interaction with it.  If a thing is a baby at birth, then it is a baby at conception. The very fact the Planned Parenthood recognizes that a baby is a person reveals that all abortion is an act of murder.

Instead of standing with Planned Parent, I encourage all to value you the sanctity of life. I encourage all to champion the pro-life cause.

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