It’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost over. I greatly appreciate everyone’s support and the varied discussions that have occurred around the Peter Witkowski blog. I hope and prayer that my blog has been a blessing and an encouragement to your soul. I can’t wait for 2016! But until then, lets take a quick look back at the most influential blogs of 2016!

1. Five Habits That Kill Kids’ Ministries

kid toys freeKids’ Ministries can be created and ruined in the blink of an eye. In this blog post, I discussed the five most common and most dangerous mindsets that permeate our churches kids’ ministries.



2. Shelve The Elf

self the elf 2Many people love the Elf on the Shelf. Quite frankly, a ton more people read that little book every year than every visit this blog. But the question still remains: Should Christian parents use this book? Does it promote the gospel of grace or works righteousness elevated? And does the answer to those questions even matter? I look at all this in more!



3. It is Time to Hate the Duggars?

duggarsA lot has happened since this article was published. Josh has turned out to be an unabashed fraud and hypocrite. I pray all his suffering  causes him to repentant and change. But regardless of how he turns out, this blog still captures how we should view the Duggars and their family principles.


4. Don’t Murder the Elf

don't kills the elfThe “Shelve The Elf” post caused quite a stir across social media. To help clarify my point, I posted this quick follow up to the above blog. I don’t think that everyone who uses the tradition is evil or uses it as intended. But if you employee the elf as his/her creators intended then you a stepped away from biblical parenting.

5. Sunday School is Broken

Sunday School is brokenYou don’t have to visit many churches before you meet people trying to figure out why kids are leaving the church. In this post, I explore the very real possibility that our Sunday school and kids programs may be the reason why our kids decided to leave the church.


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