I want youThe “I want you” attached to a finger pointing Uncle Sam is one of the most iconic advertising campaigns of all time. And it’s one I’ve co-opted for our kids’ ministry at FBCE, Ministry For Generations (M4G). Parents, “I want you.”

You are the key to your kids’ spiritual wellbeing. Though I am committed to reaching your kids with the gospel, your words and actions will always carry more weight than mine. Not too surprisingly, God calls you to lead your kids (Deut. 6). As a children’s Pastor, I’m charged with encouraging, supporting, and equipping you to reach your kids. I want to work with you, not replace you. Whether we go canoeing or sit down to drink tea, I am seeking to create events where kids grow closer to God by building strong, gospel-focused relationships with you (their mom and/or dad).

Having a 15 month old, I am also increasingly aware that parents need times of refreshment and encouragement. My second goal is to create events that refresh you (our parents) such as our “Parents’ Night Out” and our “Parenting Conference.” I get that no one is called to spend every moment with their kids.

But parents, we are called to do life with our kids. I have know idea where we will all be 10-20 years from now. But this I do know: 10-20 years from now, your kids will still be your kids. You will still have an unparalleled ability to encourage, guide, and love your children long after they graduated out our kids’ ministry. I want you because you are the key to your kids success!

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