State of VBS 2015The dragon flies are deflated, the posters are rolled up, and the sanctuary….well…looks like a sanctuary again. VBS 2015 is over. But the legacy continues.

Despite having to adjust to some big changes (switching curriculum, and replacing meals with snacks) FBCE had a great VBS.  I actually think it may have been one of our best VBS’s ever. We hosted over 250 kids and averaged about 201 kids each night, including 60+ kids who rode the bus. Our kids also raised $413.80 for IMB missionaries! And if you subtract the bus team’s one bumpy night, you could say most things went phenomenally well.

VBS Attendance 2015The kids seemed to enjoy every aspect of VBS. They were wowed by the craft team’s projects. (Finger painting is pretty cool.) The kids embraced the music, rocking the choreography. And, they were all about doing relays during game time. The kids also gave snacks a resounding thumbs up all week! (Who doesn’t love cheese puffs, Rice Krispy Treats, and popsicles?) By the end of the week, the kids where even getting on and off the bus with ease. All in all, VBS 2015 was a phenomenal success. God has been good to us!

But our biggest accomplishment was not organization. Our biggest accomplishment was teaching and living out the gospel. All week long, our teachers did a great job preaching the gospel. Each night, the kids left knowing that they were sinners who had access to a savior. They also left each night having experienced the love of Chrisvbs 2015 Class Roster Sizet. All the kids were warmly welcomed, encouraged, and loved on by our adult leaders. After the closing ceremony on Friday, I had several parents (visitors and church members) tell me that their kids had an amazing week! Kids came and saw the amazing beauty of our Jesus and of his church.

I am very thankful for all who helped. I know that you sacrificed much to make this week a success. God had blessed your efforts!

I also wish to thank the Lifeway staff for creating The Journey Off The Map curriculum. It was gospel centered, easy to use, and full of great activities. FBCE loved it!

But the work is not done! About a quarter of the students who attended VVBS Kids By Church 2015BS 2015 are unchurched. We want to reach them (and all lost kids) for Christ. Working towards that end, FBCE is launching its first ever Connect Camp this Thursday at 8 AM. The camp will run the next four Thursdays, seeking to connect kids to Jesus and his church. Please be praying for God to work and redeem today’s kids!

What did you and your kids like the most about VBS 2015?

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