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The Coronavirus: A Parable For the Church


Though the government processes the resources, manpower, and technology to address the crisis, China still lacks the transparency, the ethics, and the humility needed to effectively address and contain this latest medical challenge. According to the international community, China had not internalized the lessons of the past. Though the nation new another epidemic would come, she was not ready for it. As China, the church also knows that viruses will come testing their spiritual preparedness.

Why Confidentiality Hurts Spiritual Growth


The soul enraptured by sin loves secrecy. Instead of exposing its sins for all to see, the slave to sin seeks to hide his or her errors under a rock. If the soul… Continue reading

Your Path to Church Matters


The typical half-flustered and half-asleep church goer often arrives at his or her pew without a second thought about why he or she are at church. Some walk into church because their conscience… Continue reading