The Briefing: Albert Mohler

In the span of 25-30 minutes, Dr. Mohler provides his listeners with a Christian perspective on news and events. He tackles topics related to politics, economics, pop culture, and science discussing a wide range of stories. To his credit, he does not dive into every headline with breakneck speed. He often collects articles over the span of a few days or weeks before diving into some cultural debates. He also picks out little talked about subjects that have profound implications for God’s people such as the Anglican Church’s recent revision to their church manual. In other words, Dr. Mohler’s podcast functions as an informal, evangelical editorial page. Over the years, I have found his selection of stories to be informative and his analysis of events to be thought provoking. If you wish to know more about your world and how to bring the gospel to bear on topics that will pop up on your lunch break and that fill up your social media feed, I encourage you to add “The Briefing” to your podcast favorites.


If you like “The Briefing,” I think you will also like “The World and Everything in It.” It is a podcast, put together by the team at “World Magazine” to provide Christians with daily news updates.

What’s News: The Wal Street Journal

While most news agencies have abandoned reporting for opinion pieces, “The What’s News” podcast seeks to present the news without the fiery analysis of the cable networks. Though no podcast can be bias free, this one comes as close to that goal as is humanly possible. The host, Mark Stuart and various WSJ reporters provide their listeners with brief 12 to 17 minute overviews of the day’s most important stories. Monday through Friday, the Journal releases an AM and PM briefing. If you want to know what is happening in American politics, the economy, the environment, and in international affairs without drama, this is the podcast for you. I encourage you to give it a listen.


If you like “What’s News,” I encourage you to sample the other WSJ podcasts which cover money, tech, health, business, and political news in more detail. 

Pastors Talk: Mark Dever & Jonathan Leeman.

Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman team up once a week to both challenge and encourage pastors. In the span of 25 to 35 minutes, they bring up everything from pastoral pay, to reading biographies, to confronting the prosperity gospel. Even if you are not a pastor, I encourage you to listen to this podcast as the things discussed by Dever and Leeman shape more than pastoral ministry. The hosts fill their discussions with scripture references, helpful counsel, and good resources that will strengthen your understanding of how to foster a healthy church with healthy leaders. Though the topics are serious, these brothers never take themselves too seriously as one can hear when Dever begins to use his glorious sound effects board. If you love your local assembly of believers, you will love this podcast.


If you like “Pastors Talk”, I encourage you to check out the “Association of Certified Biblical Counselors” weekly podcast which provides its listeners with biblical solutions to the problems that they face in everyday Christian life.

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