fouind1Found: Psalm 23 is a book worth finding! The colorful and short little board book contains a phrase for phrase translation of the Psalm 23, reminding children of God’s compassionate love. The text comes straight from The Jesus Storybook Bible. As such, it is an easy read that can be used during book time or during family devotion time.

sheep-1Though the book is perhaps a little below my two- year-old, it connected with my one-year-old little daughter. She love the illustrations frequently pointing to the sheep, the sun, and other colorful items while saying “Ook, ook” *(look, look). The story also moves along at the pace that matches my little one’s extremely brief attention span. I can usually read all the words on the page before she reaches over my arm trying to get a peek at the next picture. Because the board book is colorful and well written, my little one was happy to have me read it “agin and agin” as she likes to say. This book definitely passes the kid test!

I love employing Christian texts and ideas when playing with and reading to my children. Even at an early age, our children reflect the words and ideas that my wife and I share with them. Few things bring me more joy than listening to my two-year-old walking around the house singing, “Jesus saves” at the top of his voice. I hope both my children believe this truth one day.

And we need to keep preparing for that day by giving them a solid biblical foundation. We should continue to exposing our kids to the full Counsel of God. Found by Sally Llyod-Jones is a great book that will help us on this task. If you have a little one who likes to read and eat books, then consider reading them Found: Psalm 23 sometime soon.

Grab your copy of Found: Psalm 23 Here!

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