back-to-school-recapGod has done amazing things in and through our church over the last few weeks.  I want praise him for everyone who made our Back To School Connection a success and for George Smith’s vision for the Back To School Connection. By God’s grace, our church donated hundreds of backpacks, pencils, crayons, folders, and glue. And when we asked for additional supplies this past Sunday, FBCE responding by bringing the supplies needed to fill an additional 85 backpacks.

I also want to praise God for the numerous people who counseled with our guest this past Saturday and Monday. Together, we got to share the gospel with hundreds of men, women, and children. Together, we were able to show the families of Eastman that God cares for them and loves them. Together, we got to live out the gospel.

And our friends and neighbors responded. We had initially prepared 480 backpacks, anticipating a slight
increase from last year’s event where we handed out 350 bags. But by 11:15AM, we were out of backpacks. Desiring to help as many people 20160730_085448as we were able to, we invited our guests to come back on Monday. And they did. We gave out the additional 87 backpacks. In total, we have handed out 566 backpacks over the last few days! In other words, we were able to outfit almost an entire school’s worth of children! To God be the glory!

There are many things wrong with our world, our nation, and our county. But it is events like these – it is intentional, sacrificial gospel outreach, empowered by the Holy Spirit – that brings change. It is service attached to the proclamation of the gospel that causes Christ to shine brightly in dark and depressed places! I praise God for all that he has
accomplished through us this past weekend. I praise God that our church dreamed big and fulfilled its promise to serve the people of Eastman.  

But, the work is not done. Ministry, service, and sacrificial love are bigger than an amazing event. They are a lifestyle. Going forward, we 20160730_090145must continue to invite our community to church, we must continue to meet the needs of our neighbors, and we must continue to preach Christ crucified. And we must continue to do so, expecting God to work, expecting God to seek and save the lost! Are you ready to keep sharing the hope of Christ with our community? Are you ready to keep seeing God do amazing things?

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