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The Hearts Of The Young Restless, And Unredeemed


The Woowh, Woowh, Woowh of our first child’s heartbeat was by far one of the most glorious sounds to ever reach my ears. Only moments before the tech found my sons’ heart, my… Continue reading

Faith Detectors: How To Know Your Child Is A Christian


Nothing is more exciting; on the other hand, perhaps, nothing is scarier. Your intelligent, talkative seven-year-old child just bounded downstairs and said, “I want to be a Christian.” Your heart leapt for joy!… Continue reading

From Sochi to Salvation: A Brief Theology For The Parents of Sport’s Nation


The screaming, jumping, whooshing, waving, and excitement of the Olympics is here. And as we click on T.V. screens to see which flips, spins and twists were medal worthy, we also are treated … Continue reading