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Airplanes, Lying Prophets, and the Hope of Christmas


But here is the exciting news: We have hope! Zephaniah encouraged those around him to, “Be Glad and rejoice will all your heart,” because the Savior is coming (3:14b). He will punish the wicked. More importantly he will save! “The king of Israel, the Lord is in your midst…..The Mighty One, who will save (3:15b,17b).” The prophet looked forward to the coming Messiah because he would remove the reproach of sin from those who believed on Jesus’ name. He would quiet people’s cries for help with his love. He would exalt the lame and the hurting, gathering them to himself. Lips that were once filled with moaning would be turned to joy!

5 Resources That Help Keep Christ in Christmas


I know that Christmas is almost here. (I.E.: six days, 12 hours, and 58 minutes for us last minute shoppers) But there is still time to focus on the Christ child this Christmas. Below, I have put together a list of some of the best resources available for connecting our hearts and our kids’ hearts to the true meaning of Christmas.

What Do We Tell Our Kids About Santa?


Seeing worry take hold of our child’s face, we begin frantically scanning our mental database of naughty children.  We seriously wonder why some erudite person measuring less than four feet tall would shatter… Continue reading