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Have Baptists Embraced China’s One-Child-Mindset?


Last week, the people’s republic of China announced that it will end its “One-Child-Policy. The days of government agents forcible pulling babies out of the womb while are over. Very soon, Chinese couples… Continue reading

Traveling Back From Halloween: The Importance Of Reformation Day


As Luther before him, Bonhoeffer championed the doctrines of grace. He refused to abandon the gospel even when faced with imprisonment and death at the hands of Adolf Hitler. Make plans to be a part of this year reformation festival on Wednesday October 28 from 6:30-8:00 pm.

God Doesn’t Want Your Old Toys


When you offer blind animals in sacrifice, is that not evil? And when you offer those that are lame or sick, is that not evil? Present that to your governor; will he accept… Continue reading